Microsoft to train Ghanain talented young individuals in software development remotely

Microverse, an online school for software developers, is accepting new applicants around the world for its rigorous peer-to-peer education platform. With 15 students from Ghana and more than 200 enrolled from across Africa, Microverse aims to train and connect 1 million people around the world to remote opportunities by 2030.

Microverse eliminates barriers to opportunities in remote work, in large part due to a flexible tuition structure that allows students to pay for their education through an income share agreement (ISA). Students owe Microverse no tuition until after they secure a job paying more than $1,000USD a month. They then pay 15% of their monthly income until they cover the $15,000USD cost of their Microverse education.

Microverse helps students develop the hard skills needed to become an effective software developer and the soft skills needed to build a successful career working on remote team s ​. The school has nearly 500 talented students from 100 countries, making Microverse a one-of-a-kind global learning community.

“There are a lot of resources out there for learning to code, but education is about more than just great content,” said Ariel Camus, Founder and CEO of Microverse. “There has to be an emphasis on accountability, relationship-building, mentorship, and a structure that helps students learn fast and stay motivated. Microverse is proud to be the first to create an online environment like this that is available worldwide.”

Many ​Microverse graduates work at tech startups across North America and Europe. Within months of graduating from Microverse, ​Kevin Mwangi​ from Nairobi, Kenya, was hired by Microsoft to be a Software Engineer on the Windows App Compatibility team. He was one of the first people hired to work at Microsoft’s Africa Development Center.

In a time when physical distancing has become a public health mandate, the ability to work from home could help keep millions of people around the world healthy and economically resilient. Graduates have seen their earnings increase as much as ten times what they made prior to their Microverse education.

About Microverse

Microverse​ is an online school that trains software developers from around the world at no upfront cost. The school currently has more than 400 students from 94 countries and is working to enroll 1,000 students by the end of 2020.

Backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley, Microverse is closing the global gap between talent and opportunity with an education model built on three pillars of learning: collaboration, project experience, and mastery. ​The school provides a rigorous and supportive peer-to-peer learning environment for professional and globally-minded software developers. Students cover their tuition upon securing a job that pays at least $1,000 USD per month, of which they pay 15% to Microverse until covering the full $15,000 USD cost of their education. Microverse plans to train and connect 1 million talented people around the world with remote jobs by 2030.